The Not So Calm Before The Storm

Tomorrow we are really turning the tempo up. We will leave the hotel at six a clock and work for a long as we have daylight.

The electrical system is causing trouble and we have to finish that before we can complete the inner cladding. So now the atmosphere at the site is getting a little bit tense – even among the local workers.

Today they have been laying the bricks in the path up to the building.

Most of the work left had to be done inside of the building. The problem is that it is very small and it is difficult to work as many people as we would need at the same time.

Especially when random people show up just to have a look around and take photos.

Some of the photographers are hired by the UED Magazine, and we’ve gotten quite used to them.

Today we also received the benches, which has been produced for us in accordance to drawings we made at the site, after we arrived in China.

Instead of eating in the valley, as we usually do, we asked the bus driver to take us directly to the hotel, without having dinner first.

Then we all went out and ordered food at one of the local restaurants to celebrate Kimi’s birthday. There was when a cake shaped like our building!


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