The first half of the day was quite uneventful.

We woke up ridiculously early. When we got to the site we carried on working as fast as we could. The sun was scorching hot.

When we went to lunch some clouds had appeared on the sky, and as we sat down to eat the rain was suddenly pouring down.

The good thing is that our water drainage works beautifully.

The bad news is that the roof seem to be leaking.

We believe we have identified the leak to come from the windows, and those are not complete yet, so hopefully this will be solved simply by finishing the windows.

It was such a heavy rainfall that it was difficult to work in it. even though we had some shelter under the two tents, the electrical tools prooved to be cumbersome to use in the rain in a safe way.

Many people were working inside the building. And during the day we managed to complete the work with the elrctrical connections for the lights inside of the building, which had been holding us up for a while.

At the end of the day we also- finally – dismantled the scaffolding. So now we have got a first view of how the main room, with inside cladding, will look.


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