The Final Day – And Night

We arrive at the site before sunset. As the sun rose over the mountains we were delighted to see the shadow play inside the building from our large windows. The windows are directed to the east so that they only let in soft morning light and don’t heat up the building too much. The beautiful shadows on the collumns and in the ceiling came as a pleasant surprise.

A little bit later in the day the shadows continued to dance down our shelves.

We received a package with a stone carved sign.

The landscaping is working for hard life to finish.

Trial and error, ad infinitum.

In the end we scrapped the black plastic things and decided to use the green ones in stead.

Eventually we found a way of distributing the long awaited, blindingly bright gravel.

While Jan was cutting off the last pieces from the roof.

Inside we are desperately trying to fix the last pieces of the cladding.

It is a big job.

All the shelves were completed.

Also the entrance to the tiny office.

Which looks like one of the book shelves, except it can be flipped up.

The nice people who are cooking for us every day arrived at the site with food for us today.

The bus is not allowed on the roads after 22:00. So that put a definitive end time for our work. And we didn’t like that.

Some people volunteered to stay behind at the site to work on the inside cladding. Most people also wish that something could be done to the awful plastic doors we got.

So a car will pick them up at one AM tonight. Another team will get up early and be at the site at 04:00 to take over their work.

Then at 09:30 the opening ceremony starts! Now, good night!

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