Rigging the Exhibition

Still jetlagged we are working hard to get the Exhibition up.

The date of the opening was set while we were in China. And it was set to a date much earlier than we expected. Luckily some of us landed in the end if last week. But many of us landed in the weekend. This meant that all in all we had more or less one day to rigg the entire exhibition. That is way to little. Most of us were still adjusting to European time, which means that the usual pre-exhibition exhaustion reached a new level quite early in the evening. Students were falling a sleep on the floor still clutching the pair of scissors they had been using, and images were selected and reselected over and over again because nobody managed to muster the brainpower for a good overview of the exhibition.

We did not, however, need to spend the night at school. Instead, most of us went home to sleep at around one or two in the morning. The next day – which is today – we met at school at nine a clock to hang up the large prints and finish the model before the opening, which is set to one a clock.


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