The Studio

To this date the Scarcity and Creativity studio, which is a master course at the Oslo School of Architecture and Design, has built 15 projects. Each semester the aim of the studio has been to introduce the students to the whole architectural process. From interacting with the clients to building their designs. The studio seeks challenging contexts in which local conditions and creativity are employed to make the most of scarce resources. The projects are usually for groups of people or individuals that need a place to facilitate their communal activities.


The Team 2018

Students: Elvira Fernandez Mateos, Mengxue Gu, Kristine Heimdal, Ane Marie Jakobsen, Kim Alena Neubüser, Anne Ringstad, Tarjei Svalastog, Johanne Michelsen Hoffmann, Karoliina Mäenpää, Nuria Tarres Rosello, Sigrid Thunberg, Martin Tosterud

Staff: Christian Hermansen, Solveig Sandness, Jan Kazimierz Godzimirski